Immigrating to Germany will have a different expose in your life. It is the second most favorable and well-performing country in terms of migration destination and having great opportunities for employment. There are various ways to immigrate to Germany, education, employment, entrepreneurs, and residence permits.

Here are three ways you can get a permanent residence that depends on your stay and requirement in Germany for your Residence permit- 

  1. Temporary Residence Permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis): It is used for a shorter stay. You are permitted to be there for 1 year only. There may be few reasons as Employment Purposes, Studying Purposes, Marriage Purposes and so on.

  2. The EU Blue Card: It is similar to a Temporary Residence Permit. When you have this card, you can stay for 4 years and will be qualified for permanent residence after 33 months.

  3. Permanent Residence Permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis): It allows you to settle there as long as you want to. It is also known as the Settlement Permit. You need to have 5 years of experience and proficiency in the German language.



  1. Complete Application form.

  2. Valid national passport.

  3. 1 bio metric photograph.

  4. Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificates of Spouse

  5. Degree awarding certificate.

  6. Evidence of employment for the past two years.

  7. Employment contract.

  8. Proof of paid pension insurance.

  9. Proof of previous freelance work (if relevant).

  10. Covered health insurance.

  11. Proof of accommodation and registration.

  12.  Pay a fee of € 255. 

  13. Letter of the address registration “Meldebestätigung”.

  14. Professional license.

  15. Recognized German language certificate at least B1 level.

  16. Appropriate means of subsistence.

  17. Evidence of current employment/self-employment (if relevant).


You need to apply for Job seeker Visa that will help you in getting employed and stay.

You have two options after your graduation, either you can apply for a work permit or the EU Blue Card.


What are the differences and similarities?




It allows you to work in Germany.


Issued on the basis of demand for the profession in Germany when applied independently.


It allows the family member of the holder to settle.




It is issued for 6 months and can be extended internally.

It is issued for 4 years with no extension.


It's every extension costs about €100 which will be expensive in the long run.

It is cheaper as the issuance costs about €150 but not more than €250.


After 60 months, you can apply for PR.

It can be converted to PR after 21 months if you have good German proficiency or 33 months for the others.


Independent of how much you earn.

It usually depends on the company and if you switch your job, you need to apply for a new Blue card.


Can be issued in connection to other visas.

It is issued independently.


You will have to prove your sustainability if you are planning to bring your family.

You can bring you whenever you are comfortable. If you have applied for a blue card that already shows you have a handsome salary.


The application process can be quite complicated.

It is easy to apply but might be complicated sometimes if instructions are not followed properly.


Important points

  1. There are visas as JobSeeker Visa, Studying & Language Learning Visa, and Working Visa that can help you in settling down in Germany. With these visas you can check you Residance permit and apply to it accordingly.

  2.  If you plan is to settle here on a temporary basis, you need to check your visa and its requirements. Thenafter, you can proceed further. 

  3. If you are already in Germany studying and you have found your job, you can apply for PR directly.

  4. Somehow, you do not get a job while studying, not to worry. You can apply through a jobseeker visa. This will give you a residence permit for 18 months to seek your job corresponding to your degree. 

  5. Once you find your work and get an experience of at least 2 years, you can apply for EU Blue Card. If you don’t want to apply for Blue Card, under section 18 (4) of the Residence Act you are entitled to a “residence title for the purpose of taking up employment” if Fedral Employment Agency has approved your employment. 



  1. You need to collect a Blue Card application form or Job Seeker visa from the embassy and fill the required spaces correctly and appropriately.

  2. Before filling the application form make sure you have decided your residance as it will be asked by the authorities and while filling the form. You should also register your new German address.

  3. In case, you dont get yourself registered, they may charge some fine or your permit might be denied.

  4. As soon as you complete this process, you will have to attach the required documents for your settlement and submit it with the certificate you receive there.

  5. Together with you need to submit your Medical certificate and Police clearance certificate. While applying for it, you are also required to submit your health insurance from the country itself. 

  6. For that you need to open a German bank account. It will be the proof of your funds as well as your insurance. Thereafter you will have to submit the proof of your financial stability.

  7. Now, you are ready to submit the application form. Take all the mentioned documents while submission. 

  8. In meantime you should schedule your interview which should be near by the date of application submission. 

  9.  When you go to submit your application, pay the fees as well and take its receipt. The whole procedure will take about 3-6 months. It is suggested to keep in touch with the local authorities and the Consulate during this process. In case if something is missing or inadequate, you can submit it in the limited time.


It decides your approval or denial of your application process. You need to be pre-prepared for it. The interview will last for 10 minutes that will decide your fate. 

For not getting rejected, you should have your documents arranged without missing out anything. If everything will be fine, you will be sent home to wait for processing. In case “not” then you have to fix another appointment and bring the additional ones.



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