All you need to know about the Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803

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About the University

The university was established in the year 1853 under the name of Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy.

It now occupies 650 acres of land on the banks of the river Mississippi.


Courses offered

The university has variety of courses offered by its graduation schools and colleges.

College of Agriculture

It trains the students with the career options from food, fabric business and the environment.

College of Art & Design
The college offers fine arts, history and design courses for the students.

E. J. Ourso College of Business
This college of business offers bachelor's and specialized business and industry leadership courses.

College of the Coast & Environment
This college offers coastal environmental science courses to the students.

College of Engineering
This college produces the successful engineering and construction management graduates in variety of fields.

College of Human Sciences & Education
This college offer undergraduate and graduation course in Human science with career preparation.

College of Humanities & Social Sciences
This college has excellent teachers and students are offered with undergraduate research projects, study abroad programs, service-learning courses, and internships of Social science courses.

Manship School of Mass Communication
The Manship School is in the ranks of the country's strongest programs offering mass communication courses preparing a new world of communicators.

College of Music & Dramatic Arts
This college has school of music and school of theatre which brings up the best artists with the values faculty.

College of Science
This college offers research and graduate studies in various fields of sciences and contributes ground breaking researchers to the society.

School of Veterinary Medicine
The school is one of the top clinical training facilities in the nation dedicated to the cure and saving the life of animals.

Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College
It is developed for building the student's ability in analytical thinking, solving the problems and effective communication both inside and outside the classroom.

University College
This college helps with the returning or transfer students with their admissions to a degree-granting senior colleges on the campus.

LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center
The college offers only Juris Doctor/graduate diploma in comparative law.

Graduate School
The school offers more than 120 degree programs with the advancement of career.

LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans
It has an excellent health care centre and offers medicine and health science courses through six schools and 12 Centers of Excellence.

LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport
It offers graduate studies, medicine with two state-designated centers of excellence.

LSU Online
This offers variety of online courses for working professionals as well as students.

Applying for admission
The students can apply via the link

There are separate applications for undergraduate, graduate, online courses, continuing courses, laboratory courses and leisure classes.

The application deadline in January 01.

The students should pay a non-refundable application fee of $50.


Competitive test score requirements

TOEFL score(paper based exam) -550

TOEFL score(Internet based exam)-79

TOEFL scores require LSU’s school code of 6373.

IELTS score-6.5 (or)

PTE score of at least 59

SAT-480 on the English/Critical Reading section  (or)

ACT-20 on the English Section


GRE and GMAT score requirements is determined by the specific program and department. For department websites use the link


Fee structure

The fee for graduate students vary with the period of admission-early spring, fall, early summer etc.

Other than tuition fee various fee are collected for the student and university welfare.

The link guides with the details of fee charged for the welfare.


Financial aid and scholarships

Usually the university provides financial aid for the students that could cover their fees merely.


Types of aids:

Federal loans

Private loans

Work study


Hardship exemptions


Applying for financial aid:

  1. The student should apply to the university before applying for financial aid.

  2. Then the student should complete the FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid for each academic year.

  3. After completing FAFSA, document verification need to be done.



Scholarships are provided for the students  excelling in their academics.


Types of scholarships:

Entering freshman scholarship

Transfer student scholarship

Senior college scholarships


Academic common market

Other scholarships

  1. LSU foundation awards


     2. Board of supervisors scholarship

     3. ROTC scholarship

     4. Legislative Act 353

     5. Additional scholarship opportunities


Applying for scholarships:

The scholarships are applied according to the type, the students wish to afford.


Entering freshman scholarship:

  1. The students should apply to the university.

  2. The test scores should be submitted.

  3. The student should accepted by the university in order to be eligible for the scholarship.


Transfer student scholarship:

  1. The student should apply to the university and submit the official documents.

  2. The student should get accepted by the university.

  3. The scholarship process should be completed as early as possible, till its availability.


Current students:

  1. The students should login to their university account and should complete their scholarship application and submit it.


International students:

Currently the university is not offering international scholarships. The students getting admitted for the first time can avail the Freshmen scholarship and follow its procedures.




Living on-campus:

After getting admitted to the university, the students receive mail from the coordinator regarding the instructions for living on-campus. The students should apply and pay $150 deposit.


Living off-campus:

The students can find the accommodation according their wish near the campus for easy transportation.


Temporary housing:

The international students should arrive early to the campus for orientation. So they can avail temporary housing for the period with $10 per night.


Job opportunities

The students at LSU can avail the job opportunities within the university for various positions like faculty, professional and other academic.

The top employers of LSU are

Ernst & Young


Halliburton and many other companies.

The salary offered by the companies for the LSU graduates is mentioned in the link


Notable Alumni

Amy Brittain, Cassandra Chandler, James Carville and Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal.