Our expert mentors analyze your profile, scores, schedule and preferences thoroughly and generate a customized unique timeline for your application. We ensure that you never lose out on important deadlines for the universities. We also track different aspects of your profile like Resume, Statement of Purpose, Personal History Statement etc for each university you are applying to. 



The university shortlisting is perhaps the biggest caveat when it comes to making a successful application. Most of the students fail to apply to the optimum set of universities for their higher studies applications. A right combination of universities with a few ambitious, moderate and safe bets universities is crucial. Our team finds an ideal combination of universities ​for you in such a way that you receive the best possible outcome. This optimum selection comes from their experience of making the best choice from plethora of options.



Our mentors provide the ideal suggestions after careful analysis of the profiles and requirements of the universities. You will be shown the profiles of the students who have been accepted by the corresponding university. You will receive unprecedented guidance for moulding your profile according to your dream university requirements and expectations.



The preparation of a stellar statement of purpose and compelling letter of recommendations is a crucial prerequisite for a successful application. Our expert mentors drafted flawless SOPs and received great letter of recommendations during their application process themselves which played a vital role in receiving those coveted admits. They know the nuances of preparing perfect SOP and LOR drafts. We are truly glad to offer a full fledged SOP and LOR drafting and revision service at the most competitive prices across the globe. 



Application process does not begin unless you know the professors you want to work with ? Most of the times, it's hard to know whether the concerned professor has adequate funding to support graduate students. Well, you no longer need to worry. Since, our mentors themselves are either the students of these universities or have been the graduates in these departments, we provide you the unprecedented access to this vital information which plays a predominant role in deciding your scholarship outcomes.



Well our responsibility does not end with the application submission and admit results. The visa interview is a crucial part of the application process and therefore we conduct mock visa interview session to help you become confident to take this event head on. Our mentors will ask carefully crafted questions based on the country and university of your admit offer in such a way that you can prepare well and know what to expect in the actual interview.



Our dedicated mentors know the magnitude of effort and time required to choose a right university ( in case of multiple admits) , pre-departure information, financial planning as well as aspects like accommodation. We strive to provide you the best possible guidance to make your journey hassle free and streamlined. Our mentors will provide you invaluable insights born out of their personal experience and a strong desire to help students with the best possible advise, planning and content for their applications. 

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